Ruth Sadelle Alderson (rsadelle) wrote,
Ruth Sadelle Alderson

The Tylers Seguin-Brown: A Picspam

When I took requests for treats, Edit 12/27/12: a fangirl who has asked not to be named /edit asked for something with the Tylers. This is a picspam of them! This is not a primer. If you need a primer, littledivinity made one (I've heard tell there's a second part, but it's friendslocked). Edit 12/27/12: Links to another primer have been removed at the request of the author. /edit

This is Tyler Seguin:

And this is Tyler Brown:

Once upon a time, they were babies playing hockey together:

During the summer, they live together, and Segs once took cameras on a tour of that apartment. He neglected to show us a second bedroom:

Sometimes they also play hockey together at summer camp (in any given group photo, you can tell which one is Tyler Brown because he's generally the one not smiling):

Sometimes they go golfing:

Seguin and Brown at golf_0803125152

Sometimes they're sappy at each other:

Sometimes there's some jealousy:

And sometimes they get half-naked and touch each other:

Tags: anti lockout squee, daily december treats, hockey, picspam, pictures, tyler brown, tyler brown/tyler seguin, tyler seguin

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