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2016 Year in Review - Goals
Save money. This did not happen. On the bright side here, I pretty much broke even.

Take care of my car. I had the timing belt replaced, got the recall-based maintenance done, and had the check engine light looked at (repeatedly - it's mysterious and temperamental, but at least they were able to smog it).

Take care of my health. I saw a new doctor; did some things that made my summer depression better; and took time off once a quarter, including three non-consecutive weeks during the summer. I did not get the gum grafts done.

Local connections. Things I did to create and strengthen local connections: I joined a couple of meetups, and tried befriending some people I met at one of them. (They later moved two states away.) I joined my apartment complex book club. Two local friends and I have been doing coffee shop writing dates every few weeks. I also went to services a couple of times (one Friday night and one Saturday morning), which was nice and I will probably do again. Socially, it's kind of weird since we moved here when I was three. It's hard to feel like I can just be myself when half the people there know my mom and knew me when I was a kid and probably have some idea about me that may or may not have any relation to reality. I would take any advice anyone has about navigating that sort of social situation.


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